Sparkle colored pencils Metal case with 12 Sparkle colored pencils #201737

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Our Sparkle range ensures a sparkle on the desk and not only enchants every trendsetter with its glittering design. For a stylish as well as pleasant writing, drawing and painting feeling, the Sparkle presents itself in the usual ergonomic triangular shape and with a specially glued, break-proof lead.

  • The Sparkle crayons make children's eyes sparkle
  • Colored pencils with an attractive sparkle effect
  • Contents: 12 colored pencils in a girlish color selection
  • Pink metal case in flower design with 12 Sparkle colored pencils
  • Ideal for storage or on the go
  • Ergonomic triangular shape
  • Radiant colors
  • Soft paint smear
  • Highest break resistance of the lead through special gluing
  • Washable from most textiles
  • Wood from well-managed forests
  • Painting made from environmentally friendly water-based paint
  • Suitable for right and left handers